Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new issue - check this out!

To come home after a mediocre day at work to THIS in my mailbox!! The new do it yourself mag from better homes and gardens. This baby is jam-packed with SO many ideas - don't know where to begin - maybe just at the beginning!

imagine this - glass-front -  stuffed with fabric!
my dream. . .

could really use this - ok, want it!
very unique

I am so into fabric flowers lately - these are cute!
and have so many potential applications

here they are on that pillow

that's all the pics I have - you just have to buy this magazine! it's marked winter 2009, but I got mine in my mailbox. . .

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Natural esSCENTials said...

I have got to get this issue! So many good ideas...already have my wheels turning (: