Monday, February 15, 2010

sweet find

I was out the other day, poking around my favorite GW thrift store, looking for some specific types of frames, {as usual}. But then, I saw this little lovely, and knew I had to take it home and breath some new life into it {all for the cost of $4!}.
This is what I first saw, but at the same time, saw potential there!
Mini chandelier candle holders!

So,I took everything apart, cleaned it up, and set out to spray-painting everything a creamy white.
Of course the weather was perfect, so I took everything outside and got to work.

Looking pretty good!! Now to put back all of those hanging crystals and find some tiny tea-light candles!

Looking sort of "naked" to me {of course}, so I added this letter M I had made a while back.

Here's a view of the whole table {most of it, anyway}. I was so inspired, that I redid  all of my picture frames in my chippy, creamy-white style, so now they all match!