Friday, October 23, 2009

a weekend in Globe/Miami

Recent trip to Miami/Globe,  . . . . Arizona, that is! More pics soon, but these made me smile just now.

Is this guy for real? Could the rest of us get away with this??

This sidewalk planter is so cute!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

bath day!

bath day today - for the dog that is!

I went out back today to enjoy our beautiful AZ weather and get some painting done. Our beautiful dog Bella (is that redundant?) jumped over the fence to come see what I was doing. As she stretched in the sunshine and shook herself off, I could not believe the dust that went flying!

it's too sunny to open her eyes!

so,. . .  bath time! This dog claims to be a pit bull - a dog I swore I would never own. But I personally think she is some other type of dog - incognito as a pit bull - the most gentle, loving and laziest dog I have ever had!

now, I don't know about the rest of the pit bulls in the world, but this one was raised with so much love and affection, that's all she knows!

               Congratulations Bella!! You can now stay inside the house!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween tissue Skull Banner

time to get busy! halloween cut-out skull banner

I have totally been dragging my feet about really getting this blog going. Do I have the right pics, the right conversation, the right stuff?!?! It's kind of like having a baby! will you ever really be ready? or should you just jump in and do it?

Well, I think the jump in part is the way to go. I have been collecting pics, etc. for a while now, so no more excuses!

With Halloween around the corner, I have a cute decoration idea I just finished, pics and all! and wish to share!

So, with no further ado, here goes!!

Halloween tissue cut-out skull banner

supplies needed to complete:

tissue paper in halloween colors such as black, orange, yellow
wavy edge scissors
paper pattern (pic included)
marker and pencil
paper clips
jute, string or embroidery floss
craft glue

Step 1: gather your materials

here is the pattern I used

Step 2: Re-draw the skull design onto a sheet of printer paper, using a marker, or copy the above pattern. I folded the paper in half, then drew just half the skull and cut out. Cut out the edges with the wavy edge scissors.

Step 3: Fold 3-4 layers of the tissue paper together, in half
and lay the paper pattern on top of the tissue, on the fold line, attaching all together with clips.

I cut out the tissue at this point, or you could trace around the pattern and then cut, if you prefer.

Step 4:  Finally, unclip the papers, carefully unfold the tissue layers, and lay flat. Press with a dry iron to remove all the wrinkles.

Step 5:  Cut a piece of string or floss in the correct length to hang in your desired spot. Carefully, fold over a scant 1/4" along the top edge. Lay the string inside this fold and glue with a tiny bit of craft glue.

Voila! Your skull banner is now ready to hang!