Saturday, December 26, 2009

new space finished!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful and relaxing holiday so far. We have been busy, busy, busy here!

As promised, here is my booth/space as it looks finished. {better late than never, I hope. . . }

Things have since changed around a bit of course, as they do in a retail environment. But this is the jist of what I have to offer.

We will see how things go, but with the holdiays coming to a close, I may be going back to etsy full steam ahead! We'll see. . . .

Monday, December 7, 2009

new space!

I am embarking on a new adventure - a booth space for my hand-crafted goodies from Sweetie Pie Suite, within a store in {quaint} downtown Glendale

This is something completely new for me - quite different from the craft show genre - something I don't find wholly attractive, for soooo many reasons, anyway,
I thought this might prove to be a better route to go. We'll see!

Here are my first steps to setting up this undertaking. . . .

                                           got my little helper, ready to refinish
                                           a plain old bookshelf, donated by my
                                           wonderful mother-in-law!

he's still here! {what a great kid!}

                    the next step is bringing all this stuff to the shop . . .

this is what I had to start with!

          so, there will be more painting!
           look at him go!!

things are really coming along. . .lots of white & beige

       almost ready for the fun stuff!
     more pics on this coming very soon - promise!