Monday, August 4, 2008

My first blog!

This is my first blog and I'm excited about that! I just dropped off my 9 year old son, Emilio, at school for his first day of 5th grade. It was a little more emotional than I had imagined it would be! You see, I am a teacher, and my son has always attended the same school I have taught at, since 1st grade. This year I am in the midst of a job change, so he started today at the neighborhood school rather than with me. He was excited, but also extremely nervous! So unlike his personality, more like mine! Anyway, it was heartbreaking for me, his new (as in 1st year) teacher admitted he was probably more nervous than Emilio, and Emilio will be fine, I believe.

Here's Emilio, ready and excited for school! We take this picture every year and put it on his growth chart. How fun!

Here we go! Down the front path to school! This year we get to walk, not bad at 7:15 am, but it won't be so pleasant at 2:40 this afternoon, once it hits 115 degrees!

Princess Bella says bye! Hope she's not too stressed out today, but that's right! I'll still be home! Although I do have an interview (for a 5th grade teacher) this morning. Good luck me!

Here's a peek at our walk to school. Yes, it's very green in Glendale, AZ (Phoenix), but very, very hot!!!!

We're getting closer! and Emilio is getting more nervous! Looks like a thunderstorm is coming! We can only wish. . . . .

Around the corner, and we're here! What about that "cute" mascot! Ya, not so cute when there was one trying to take a shower with Emilio last night!

Hope we all have a great year! And hope Emilio had a great day! We'll see. . . . .

Thanks to anyone who may have stumbled upon my brand new blog! I'm excited (as you may have noticed numerous exclamation marks along the way). Thanks for visiting, there will be much more in the future. Bye for now!!!

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Bizcom said...

Fantastic job on everything, your son, you passion, your life! I still have all the art you made for me. It is proudly displayed in my home; everytime I see them I think of you. Toni you are a very, very talented and smart person. PS you look as young and beautiful as ever!